Maintenance for a Healthy Home: HVAC Filter Changes

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Do you love breathing clean air? We assume the answer to that question is a resounding “yes!” But we have another question for you - do you also like to save money? If you said “no,” then we may not have advice you’d like.

If you’re someone who thinks that the air quality in your home is important, and if you don’t like dishing out loads of cash for HVAC repairs, then you’ll love to know that HVAC maintenance is something that can benefit you and your home in many ways.

While there are many factors involved in HVAC maintenance, today we’ll be focusing on HVAC filter changes. Sound cool? Good. ‘Cuz this info is about to be cooler than the air flowing through your clean HVAC system.

HVAC Air Filter Replacement

We understand that not all homeowners have the desire to spend extra time taking care of their home HVAC system, but hear us out - you’ll be glad that you did. One huge yet simple HVAC maintenance technique is to practice regular HVAC air filter replacement. 

Your HVAC filter serves a great purpose, and that’s to prevent airborne particles such as dust and dirt from getting into your HVAC system. However, if you don’t replace your HVAC air filters, debris will eventually build up and cause issues such as reduced air flow or your system shutting down all together. 

One word we hate is mold. In fact, we don’t think anyone likes that word (unless you’re a fromager). We hate to break it to you, but dirty HVAC air filters that become damp can grow mold. When this happens, the mold often ends up being dispersed throughout your home through your HVAC system, which can cause sickness. 

Those who take an extra few minutes every once in a while to change their air filters will not only experience cleaner air, but will also not have to deal with paying for repairs or higher electric bills from your system having to work twice as hard from being obstructed from debris.

Different Types of Air Filters for HVAC Systems

Of course, not every HVAC system is the same. There are different types of air filters for HVAC systems that range in shape and size. More often than not, the HVAC system air filters are constructed with biodegradable, disposable material. They are usually shaped like screens that are made to filter out and trap as much dirt, dust, and other debris as possible. Since there are many different types of HVAC units out there, it’s important to be sure you purchase the correct type of air filter for your HVAC. If you use the wrong filter, you risk in damaging your unit or even causing health problems due to inefficient air filtration.

How Often to Change Air Filters in Your HVAC System

With this information in mind, you’re maybe wondering how often you should be performing an HVAC filter change - this depends on your lifestyle. It is often recommended to change your air filter once every 30 days, especially if you’re a pet owner. Pet hair can easily become stuck to your HVAC filters and either circulate through your home, or cause the unit to work inefficiently. There are many other reasons for changing HVAC filters every 30 days, which include: smoking indoors; if someone in your home has bad allergies; if you have a lot of people in your home; if you have a fireplace that you use; and if you run your HVAC unit more than six months out of the year. 

However, some people may have to change their HVAC filters more than once a month. It’s important to regularly check your air filters to see if the filter is damaged, if it’s damp, or if you see mold. If you see signs of any of these issues, then you’ll want to change your HVAC filters right away.

An HVAC filter change is perhaps the easiest step in HVAC maintenance. It takes barely any time at all and requires no previous experience. But for those who may not have replaced an HVAC filter before, always be certain to follow the instructions on the packaging of your filter. 

If you have any issues with your HVAC filter change, or if you’re ready to schedule your yearly HVAC maintenance, call us at any time and we will be happy to send out a technician to help with any issues your system may be having. 

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