Residential HVAC Tips for Cat Owners

A grey flat-faced kitten with blue-green eyes looking at the camera against a blurred background.

They’re cute, they’re fuzzy, and they’re one of the world’s most popular pets. That’s right - we’re talking about cats! If you’re a cat owner who wants to make sure that your residential HVAC system is functioning the best it possibly can for you and your fluffy friend, then check out these tips from the pros at All Green.

Tips for Your Residential HVAC System: Cat Owner Edition

Of course, we love our pets as if they’re our family, so it’s important to be sure to take these steps to ensure that your residential HVAC system is doing its job to keep you and your cat comfortable throughout the year.

Replace Your Air Filter: While many homeowners can go months and months without changing their air filters, those with pets such as cats should check their air filter every 30 days or so. Depending on how much your cat sheds or the number of cats you own, then you may even have to check and change your air filter more often than that! Changing your air filter is important for your residential HVAC system because pet hair, dust, and other airborne debris will cake up on your air filter and prevent air flow.

Groom Your Pets: A great way to reduce the frequency of changing your air filter is to regularly groom your pet. Brushing, bathing, and even trimming your cat’s fur helps prevent shedding, which, in turn, will stop pet dander from being sucked up into your system.

Clean Your House: This goes hand-in-hand with the above tip. Though grooming your cat will help with your residential HVAC maintenance, cleaning the rest of your home is also a great idea. This allows you to clean up any cat hair that may be floating around your home so that it does not coat your air filter.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance: Perhaps the best residential HVAC tip for cat owners is to be sure to regularly schedule HVAC maintenance throughout the year. Our HVAC technicians at All Green will help you keep your unit clean as well as assess any other issues you may be having, and prevent further problems from occurring.

Your cat will love you more for making sure your home is comfortable. Be sure to call All Green to schedule your residential HVAC maintenance when you’re ready to have your heating and cooling system looked at by a professional.

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